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Tough Love

Sometimes too much trust is exactly what our friends don’t need.  Post at Psychology Today.

This post is about whether we owe epistemic partiality to our friends, drawing on

Keller, Simon (2004): ‘Friendship and Belief’, Philosophical Papers, 33 (3):329-351.

Stroud, Sarah (2006): ‘Epistemic Partiality in Friendship’ Ethics 116 (3):498-524.

Hawley, Katherine (2012): ‘Partiality and Prejudice in Trusting‘, Synthese (9):1-17 (2012).  (Preprint available here.)

What is Epistemology?

In April 2016 I gave a lecture on this topic, for graduate students in arts and humanities. Here (at the blog of the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities) I reflect on this experience, and summarise the lecture.  The lecture itself is available on Youtube.

I don’t blog here…

…but I blog regularly at Psychology Today, and occasionally elsewhere.  This page collects links to my posts.  Comments are closed here, but usually open on the original post.  (Copyright for Psychology Today posts belongs to me.)

At Psychology Today, my posts are based on philosophical research, and on this page I provide some references for readers who want to follow this up.