Public Philosophy

I welcome opportunities to philosophise with people whose day job is not philosophy, via interviews and writing, public talks, and consultancy.

Some examples:

March 2020: discussion of impostor syndrome on the ResearcHers Code podcast.

March 2020: blogpost at OUP ‘Why Self-Help Won’t Cure Impostor Syndrome‘.

January 2020: discussion of impostor syndrome on the ‘Oh I See‘ Podcast.

January 2020: discussion of my book How To Be Trustworthy on the New Books in Philosophy podcast.

In January 2019 I organised a workshop on ‘Trust and Sensation in the Public Communication of Exoplanet Science’, funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh: this brought together scientists, philosophers, broadcasters and public engageent professionals.

I participated in an expert seminar on ‘Trust in Public Institutions and the Rule of Law’, hosted by Ambassador Helmut Tichy in connection with Austria’s 2018 Presidency of the European Union.  The resulting document informed discussion in the European Council in November 2018.

I prepared an academic brief on Public Trust in Insurance, for the Chartered Institute of Insurers (2018); this guided their development of a new ‘Public Trust Index’.

I was interviewed by Julia Pugachevsky about ‘mirage friends’ for an article in Cosmopolitan (2018).

I was interviewed by Joyrene Thomas for an article about trust in financial services for Payments Cards and Mobile (2018)

Together with Rowan Cruft, I secured an SGSAH Applied Research Collaborative scholarship, which funds a current Ph.D. project in collaboration with Audit Scotland, focused on public trust and public audit (2017-2020).

Following a request in 2018, Miguel Egler and I prepared a briefing document about philosophical accounts of practical and theoretical knowledge, for Ofsted.

My colleague Alex Douglas and I submitted evidence to the UK Parliament DCMS committee inquiry into ‘Fake News’ (2017); we subsequently wrote a short reflection on this process for Parliament’s ‘Why Engage?’ page.

In November 2017 I spoke about trust in the workplace at a conference of the Association of University Administrators.

On October 3rd 2016 I appeared on the Matt Townsend Show, BYU Radio, talking about anger and disappointment, and I appeared again in April 2018, talking about Impostor Syndrome.

In July 2016 I gave a public lecture – Philosophical Reflections on Impostor Syndrome – in connection with the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy summer school for female students.  The video is here.

In 2016 I started blogging at Psychology Today – you can read my posts here.

On 7th April 2016 I spoke on ‘What is Epistemology?’, part of Theories of Knowledge, a course for arts and humantities research students across Scotland.  The lecture was live-streamed, and is available on YouTube here.
Trust VSI cover

‘Is Time an Illusion?’ at Anstruther Science Cafe  on Thursday 18th June 2015, 7.30pm.

Video interview in connection with PwC’s ‘World in Beta’ campaign (2014)

‘Trust, It’s Complicated’ contribution to CSR Index 2014, edited by Francis Quinn and Dean Ritz, ISBN: 978-3-906501-05-5.

In 2013 I was a judge for a schools poster competition run by the Inspire-Aspire campaign of Character Education Scotland.

Blogpost at OUP in connection with my Trust book. (2012)